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About us

SOVO means that raw materials come from the abundant ocean. We follow the law of nature in material, craft and appearance beauty. Life returns to nature and integrates with each other.

SOVO was certified by Tmall source factory in 2016. It is the first houseware company that develops and produces diatomaceous products in China. Diatomaceous products are the core products of SOVO. We use the most original way of handmade in order to remain the characteristics of diatomaceous earth. Handmade is not the era of degradation, but the artisan spirit. Because each piece of diatomaceous product should pass a series of development process like beating, reverse mold, polish, dry etc...

R & D Competitiveness: SOVO owns professional diatomite research and development team. We produce creative and practical houseware products by collecting a large number of creative household products, and adopting material that is environment protecting and light weight combined with brand concept. In addition, we test and improve the finished product to create houseware products closer to nature. We have a number of national patents.
Design competitiveness: SOVO brand owns professional fashion design team with global vision to dig out the latest trends and fashion elements. We extract inspiration from nature and integrate the breath of nature with life subtly to create fashionable and interesting houseware products.

The natural diatomaceous earth, which comes fromChangbaiMountain, is used by SOVO. Diatomaceous earth with strong adsorption ability plays a role in sterilization, removal of impurities and odor. We try to create superior houseware quality from material to finished product, every link, detail and product with strict production standards.
Service Competitiveness: with years of market research, SOVO owns original brand marketing system and perfect after-sales service. Every customer service receives professional pre-job training, providing professional and comfortable personalized service like family.


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Contact: Olivia Zhang

Phone: 18659368015

Tel: 0593-6501886

Add: No.129 Xinhua road, Fuan City, Fujian province, China

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